Do you suffer from bladder control issues that cause occasional urine leakage?

We have a new online research study assessing the effects of a dietary supplement in generally healthy women 40-65 years of age who experience overactive bladder symptoms (OAB) with occasional urine leakage. Study participation involves 5 remote visits across 12 weeks.

If qualified, you may be compensated up to $500 for your participation.

Qualified participants must:

  • Be a generally healthy woman, 40-65 years of age
  • Have access and the ability to conduct video conferencing or calls
  • Experience the following four symptoms:
    • Frequent urination throughout day and night (8 or more times/24 hours)
    • Frequently waking up during the night to urinate (2 or more times/night)
    • Frequent feelings of urgency (3 or more times/day)
    • Occasional leakage caused by an urge to urinate (1 or more times/day)
  • Be willing to consume 2 tablets/day for 12 weeks
  • Be willing to complete frequent questionnaires
  • Be willing to download the study phone app
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Sign up below if you’re interested in taking part

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Participant benefits

  • Contribute to nutritional research specific to women’s health
  • Completely virtual. All study “visits” will be completed via phone or video call.
  • Opt out at any time
Signing up for more information places you under no obligation to participate in this study. Any information you provide will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared without your permission except as required by law. For more information, please visit or call us at 630-617-2000

Bladder Control Study for Women with Occasional Urine Leakage